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What is important when considering new software?

More Features vs. Daily Practical Usage

Should our software package offer more features, or should we concentrate on doing what we do well?

The number one conversation I have with my potential clients on a daily basis is directly related to this topic. Yes, as a software developer, we want to keep our product developing with the most up to date technology being offered on the market. We want to be better than our competition and we want to… Continue

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Job Opportunities in British Columbia

Hello, I work for an executive retained search firm in Vancouver, BC and I am actively working for my client the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia to help source talented Claims professionals for their managment team. If anyone has any networking recommendations or happens to know of anyone interested in moving to British Columbia, please pass on my contact information. Thanks! - Michael Alexander …


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How to ask for referrals as a financial advisor

I received a lot of feedback on my article Referrals for Financial Advisors posted on April 5th. Many people told me they were unsure how to ask for referrals from existing clients without

looking too pushy.

I thought it might be of use to share a few example and best practices regarding prospect generation and referrals.

First of all, always remember that before…


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The Downside of Upside

The economic downturn has presented its share of challenges for business around the world. Adjusting to the “new economic normal” hasn’t been an easy task as the broad scope of…


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Using Risk Management to Win in the Mid-Market

The following is an excerpt from the ClearRisk Blog on March 30th, 2010…


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Social Media Policy: Avoiding a Death-Blow!

The following is an excerpt from The ClearRisk Blog post on March 23rd, 2010…


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Financial Advisors Marketing Tools: Referrals

Referral has to be one of the most successful way in getting new clients as a financial advisor.

When we talk about client referral in our seminars or sales presentations, there is one question that is asked almost every time:

“I get more referrals than my colleague, so why does he always convert more clients than me?”

The key factor in converting a referral into a new…


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