NexPump Intelligent Sump Pump systems

NexPump Intelligent Sump Pump systems

The high efficiency pumps handle up to 5 times greater capacity in 120 volt operation than conventional 120 volt pumps; up to 7 times greater capacity in 12 volt operation. Additionally up to 5 times as much water can be pumped on a single battery charge compared to standalone backup sump pumps.

But what really sets Nexpump apart is the Artificial Intelligence Control System which continually controls, monitors and self tests each component of the system to ensure operation integrity at all times. In addition notification of any failures, fault conditions or remedial actions taken can be immediately sent to up to 3 phone numbers and/or 3 email addresses.

The Nexpump Integrated Sump System truly offers piece of mind and total basement protection to the homeowner. All NexPump products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and backed by a 3 year manufacturers' warranty.

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