Twitter Integration with instouch

Twitter is integrated with instouch!


We’re excited to announce several new features that integrate the micro-blogging service Twitter with  For those of you who ‘Tweet’ and are active Twitter users, this new feature at instouch will make it even easier for you to spread the word with Twitter & is an effective way to reach a wider audience and increase the size of your personal network. With this new Twitter integration, if you choose you can now:

·         Automatically push Status updates to Twitter – straight from your Status box at your Profile Page

·         Share photos, videos, and other content on Twitter without leaving instouch

·         Take advantage of a new URL shortener


Here’s a 'short video' explaining this new release (also read further below):

 (click to Play)


Automatically post your instouch Status updates to Twitter

A Twitter icon will now appear in the Status box. Here’s how it looks:



Check that box to update your Twitter account with your status. The first time you check this box, you’ll be asked to authenticate with Twitter. And after that, you can always change your settings by clicking on Settings and choosing My Page.


Share your content on Twitter with short URLs

You’ve always been able to share any piece of content — like a photo, video, or profile page — on Twitter, but with this release we’re making it a lot easier. Now you’ll see a Twitter link next to your Share link. You can click the Twitter link to send a tweet without leaving instouch.

In the spirit of 140 characters, we’ve also rolling out a brand-new URL shortener that will automatically condense hyperlinks to shared content:


This helps trim down the length of your tweet, giving you more room to include other status update info.

Not familar with Twitter?  Here's a great intro to the world of Twitter for business users: Twitter 101 For Business - A Special Guide 

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