New to instouch: A clean, consistent text editor

We're excited to announce an upgrade to one of the heaviest-used features on instouch: The text editor.




Members use text editors when doing all sorts of activity on instouch, from writing a blog post to sending a private messages to editing profile page text boxes. Previously on the instouch platform, each of those tasks would involve using a different text editor.

Starting today, members will have a clean, consistent user experience when adding content.

The widest spaces for editing text (like writing broadcast messages or writing a blog post) will have a toolbar loaded with the most useful options, like changing font color or embedding videos. In places where less space is available for the toolbar (like commenting on an event), fewer options will appear.










Aside from a consistency and a clean design, the new text editor sports a slew of new features:

  • Out of space when writing something? With the new text editor, you will be able to drag and expand the boundaries of the editor, minimizing the need for scroll bars
  • It's much easier to add embeds such as Video embeds
  • When adding links, members can customize the link and the linked text.
  • This editor should handle text pasted from Word much better than the old editor. In the case that it does not, there's a new "Paste as Plain Text" button, where you can paste in text and only basic formatting (bolding, etc.) is retained, ensuring the text appears cleanly when posted.
  • Links added into the text editor will, by default, open in a new window if they link off instouch, and open in the same window if they link within instouch. Not happy with the default? Just click on a link after you add it, hit "Edit" and change the setting.
  • When adding images, members will have the option to control the alignment, padding and size of the image. Images, when clicked, will open to the URL of the image file — but even that link can be easily changed to link to another page or image instead.
  • Members who need even more room to share their thoughts can hit the "Fullscreen" button to use the entire browser window to add their text.


We're confident that instouch members will be very happy with this upgrade, and we've chosen to make this new editor consistent and familiar across instouch.

Last updated by instouch Jan 11, 2011.

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