Dear All members ,


Hope you had great time with your family and friends .


We all are thankful to Mr. D.Kumar for initiating this group . I propose to meet with each other on at least quarterly basis . It will help to know each other and to gain and exchange professional inputs .


If you all agree , kindly share your inputs on this .


Also would like if you all can message your contact information to each other , that will be great .


Hope to meet and speak with you all soon .


Take care.

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Dear All:

This is very relevant and useful idea. We must support this to take this group to next ladder. If we sit together to share our views on different aspects of our professional and community issues, we will be able to make this group happening for long time because face to face interactions do generate warmth and meaning to the objectives of the group in a more subtle way. We all should make deliberate efforts to meet regularly and enhance our worth as a group. Deepika' s  sentiments should be respected because this is the way how  we can come out of internet (virtual) chat group to become the real life interacting industry colleagues or friends.

Please contact me




Hello Everyone,

I like Deepika's proposal of meeting. It will help us to know each other and  also help us grow professionally.

I can be contacted at



Hello All,


I too am in agreement with all stated sentiments.  I propose that we seek to coordinate a date in February where we can initially all meet.  I think mid-February is ideal, as it may provide us with some time to coordinate our already busy schedules.

Thank you Deepika for taking initiative.


I am available via email at


I look forward to all of us meeting.






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