Thought I'd post a tip which we have found to be helpful when trying to get a response from a client. I'm sure we've all found it can be hard to get people's attention these days, but sometimes a very simple change can bring surprising results. What we have taken to doing when we have an 'information request' of a client and we need them to return forms, applications etc, writing your name on the return envelope seems to drive the response rate up considerably.

So, next time you need to get your customer to do something like this, try hand writing 'Attn: yournamehere' on the return envelope. It's an easy way to get people's attention and we have been very pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness.

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Michael, that is a great idea. We send out so much mail that our clients are overwhelmed. I think a handwritten envelope will likely work well. I'm going to try this on the next second request for information that I come across.

Thanks for sharing!
You're very welcome. I think it's effectiveness is driven by the fact that the client now knows they are receiving your personal attention. In this day of disconnected call centres operating who knows where, we can really differentiate ourselves by doing simple things like this. Many of the education seminars I've been to indicate that the customer is not aware of the work we are doing for them - this can help change that perception.
Hi again Michael. I think sometimes we are a little shy about letting that client know that we are working hard for them. When I get that positive feedback from a client I am quick to say that yes, I do work harder for them because I am a broker. I will tell them that they are important to me and that I want to give them what they deserve. Sometimes I think we make an assumption that the client knows our efforts and lo and behold, they do not. I find this type of exchange strengthens the relationship I have with my clients. Merry Christmas!
Thanks. Have you tried it out? We're still using that method for our correspondence with customers and finding that it continues to be effective.

One thing I came away with from a recent seminar is to show the client that we 'reviewed, rated and recommended.' In other words, we took another look at their file, checked their rates to make sure they are reasonable, and made some form of coverage recommendation. Again, we have found it works remarkably well. This demostrates that we are taking the time to know their situation, and have offered something helpful to them. Almost every client I have spoken to, even those who have declined my recommendations, are still appreciative of the effort. Many businesses out there are simply not doing this.

All the best to you and everyone out there on instouch for a happy new year, and new decade too!


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