In honour of the most kissy day of the year, CARSTAR has created the "Who's Kisser?" Contest!

Do you know who these famous "kissers" belong to? If so, post your answer here, on our instouch page,during the month of February for your chance to win a $100 Tim Hortons gift card for your office!

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Thanks for your guesses Melissa!

a)  Angelina Jolie

b)  Jessica Alba

c)  Natalie Portman

d)  Halle Berry

e)  Lucy Liu

Thank you for your entry Dylan!

A) Angelina Jolie

B) Jessica Alba

C) Jessica Biel

D) Halle Berry

E) Lucy Liu

Jackie Walsh

Thank you all for entering our contest!  The contest is now closed.  Please stay tuned to find out if you are a winner!

SO who is the big winner???



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