With 2012 coming to a close, it's time to welcome 2013 with a celebration!

Can you spot the 12 differences between these two photos? Submit your answers here by Friday, December 21 and you could win! Winner will be announced on Friday, December 28.

Good luck!

Alors que l’année 2012 tire à sa fin, le moment est venu d’accueillir 2013 par une fête!

Pouvez-vous trouver les 12 différences entre les deux photos? Envoyez vos réponses ici même avant ce vendredi 21 décembre pour avoir la chance de gagner! Le nom du gagnant sera annoncé vendredi 28 décembre.

Bonne chance!

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1. sunglasses in left hand corner are different colour earring in guys ear

3.girls braclets

4.girls finger is up in one

5.confetti on forhead

6 hair colour different on boy in righthand side differnt

Its difficult to find them all because the photos overlap BUT I tried!!!

1. left top corner - sunglasses are a different colour

2. middle left side - one earring in guys ear

3. red confetti on forehead (same guy as missing earring)

4. top left - girls finger is down

5. bottom left – grey vest – missing star confetti

6. bottom left – grey vest – missing red heart confetti (same guy as missing star confetti)

7. bottom left – grey vest – missing star shadow (same guy as missing star confetti)

8. top right – guys hair colour is different

9. middle top – girl with arms up – missing read heart confetti

10.middle girl – eyebrow is missing

11. bottom middle – missing 2 white bracelets (does this count as 2 things??)

A reminder to post your answers by this Friday for your chance to win!

N’oubliez pas d’afficher vos réponses d’ici vendredi pour avoir une chance de gagner!

Congratulations to Theresa Glover for winning our December Contest! Theresa has won a $25 pre-paid Vanilla Mastercard!

Thank you to all who submitted answers and be sure to keep visiting our instouch page for more contests and promotions throughout the year!

thanks so much


You are more than welcome Theresa! Please send your information to and I will mail your gift card out to you. Thanks again for playing!


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