Just wondering why so many people would join a social media networking site...and not upload a profile pic for the benefit of the becomes pretty vague entering into a discussion with "faceless members"...or responding to an invite to connect...mostly everything is negated by "facelessness".

Just my point of view...maybe I'm wrong...maybe online networkers like to discuss/connect with "faceless people"...if apologies...

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I endorse your viewpoint. You are absolutely correct. It sounds awkward when we respond to a stranger person (without a face) who is masked or whose face is hidden behind photo frame and our messages seem to be lost in a black hole. It seems that people want to network but only by maintaining their privacy of face, as if they are not into social media networking and are with something hidden agenda. It sounds as if they are assuming they might be caught and indicted for doing relation building exercise (as if it is kind of social trafficking that is a sin or illegitimate). We should be open, frank and honest about what we are doing. We should have self-confidence and courage and show our faces online just to prove the integrity, mutual trust and respect to others The old saying is that face is the the index of our mind/ heart or personality. If I am hiding my face from others, It speaks as if am I not true to myself or I don't listen to the voice of my subconscious mind or I am doing something my heart or mind is not comfortable with doing. Or we may be scared that we may be harmed by the employers if identified or caught by the employer on the net. Whatever the reasons are it is not good language of expression and communication. It sounds rude.............. to be sure.

Please upload your pictures and be visible.

I feel sorry if our insurance fraternity got hurt by my remarks, who are here in search of good friends and professional interrelationships but I believe that the objective of more pronounced professional brotherhood/ sisterhood can be achieved only through the right approach of coming out face to face with one another.

Transparent communication is necessity of professional survival and growth in today's business world.

I hope we all agree......

Thank you

well, interesting, while i agree that a blue/white head is really boring, the amount of faces that I dont recognize are much the same, and dont mean that much more to me. I am much more interested in what people have to say professionally, and the exchange of ideas on this site. I have Facebook with pictures for social purposes.

and then some of us are not that photogenic, or dont have a good picture they want to post.

I use an identity picture that more people will hopefully remember. I do this as I am posting as a member of the insurance community, and not posting because I am trying to promote my company (and there is nothing wrong with that either).

posting a blog, replying to one, or joining or starting a group requires action & desire to communicate and share ideas, other than a facepicture, I have a lot of information on my profile to get to know the "real" me. I am not here to hide anything.

So you are not "wrong" Cathy, you represent a point of view of some people.

and I do hope that the blue/white heads chose a picture that represents what they want to show - their face, or not.
It only takes a minute to update your profile - including your image. If you don't have one handy at the office PC a simple workaround is to send one from your home computer to your office email and save to your hard drive. Once saved you only need to browse for your new image and save to your profile. A picture is worth a thousand words after all.
No you are right, I totally agree. :)
The only reasons I can think of are 1) the person is completely self conscious about their appearance 2) They are computer neophytes 3) they have a technology phobia 4) They are afraid of stalkers 5) They are just interested in lurking 6) They are too lazy to take two minutes to upload a pic 7) They don't want their spouse to know they are participating in a social networking site 8) they are completely non-photogenic 9) they don't know how to use a camera and load a picture onto their computer 10) they are so ugly every time they get their picture taken the camera breaks. ;)
Daniel, all but #7 apply to me. Did it anyway!
Great point Cathy. I agree 100% with folks having their picture....... and that doesn't mean their company logo either.

More pictures.

I had never really thought about it that way, Cathy.  Although, like many I'm sure, I am not too happy with photos of myself, I have uploaded one now.  I can no longer hide behind faceless anonymity.  (not that I was ever trying to hide anyway!)


I agree with you Cathy, I decided to go with my face even though I have a face for radio.


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